Site Studio Architecture & Art

concept for a competition entry - architectural folly in the forecourt of the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney : inside the shady recreation of a cool billabong surrounded by huge, soft paperbark trees. The distance between the tree trunks in the image should be about 4m, so the pool has a diameter of about 20m. Natural filtration of course, and an opportunity for visitors to the museum to cool down.

Site Studio is an Architecture and Art practice that combines the talents of registered master architect Milos Obradovic and artist, Dr. Mandy Francis.

In architecture, we aim to uncover hidden and unique potentials of places and materials, to create inspiring, functional, timeless buildings with beautiful spatial qualities and proportions. Each project is uniquely guided by its own special circumstances to achieve an optimum performance and experience of shelter and space, while efficient, affordable and sustainable solutions are achieved through simplicity and clarity of the ideas.

Milos Obradovic as principal architect is responsible for designing and documenting all building projects. His portfolio ranges from community theatres, child care centres, residential alterations and extensions, new houses, mixed use development, shopfronts, art studios, light-industry facilities and public art. He specialises in environmentally sustainable design generated through inventive and efficient design solutions, design of construction methods and targeted material sourcing.

Dr. Mandy Francis is an exhibiting sculptor, installation artist, and painter represented by Studio gallery in Sydney, Melbourne and Sydney. She creates thought provoking , paintings, murals, sculptures and installations, for private commissions and the public domain.

This site showcases a selection of architectural and fine art projects. Enjoy.