Architecture > Pretty Beach Pre-School

Pretty Beach Community Preschool is nestled on the edge of Bouddi National Park - the design was inspired by the opening pages in the children's book 'Where the wild things are' to create a curious and educational facility focused on the natural world inside and outside. It is also an excellent example of reuse and recycled material showcasing treetrunks from road widening projects, hardwood from the existing building on site. The Preschool has two flexible playrooms offering a diverse interactive adventurous space, offices, amenities, storage and a central kitchen experienced as a small building within a building, all bathed in natural light. The mezzanine floor is a parents lookout area and staffroom with views of the bay. Other aspects of the project include the playground and green carpark on either side of the building and the Multipurpose space on the lower ground level used by the primary school and opening directly to the school oval.The environmentally friendly community building has been valued at $1.2million - the 400sqm were constructed for only $650 000.